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PriceHubble and TECMA Solutions launching a new international partnership

Published by Antje Heber - 6 December 2022

TECMA Solutions S.p.A., a technology company specialised in the digital transformation of the real estate and listed on Euronext Growth Milan, and PriceHubble, the leading European specialist in data-driven solutions for the real estate and financial markets, are launching a long-term partnership across multiple countries. The aim is to leverage synergies of the joint customer segments to expand the range of digital solutions along the residential real estate value chain for customers. The cooperation covers several European countries, in particular Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria and the UK.

«Internationalisation and consolidation of our global expansion is a key pillar of our growth strategy. On the one hand, this partnership with PriceHubble will enable our clients to integrate in our platforms, digital real estate valuation and analysis at the highest technological standard » explains Pietro Adduci CEO of TECMA. «On the other hand, PriceHubble's customers (including developers, asset managers as well as brokers) will benefit from our technologies (hardware & software) and digital contents exclusively designed to enhance the go-to-market phase of the real estate projects ».

TECMA is a technology company focused on the digital transformation of the real estate industry, offering tech solutions able to speed-up and simplify the sales as well as rental management processes. Integrated cloud-software solutions stand at the heart of TECMA’s technology offering, providing full control over the commercial / go-to-market phase in the real estate sector across both the residential and commercial segments.

Stefan Heitmann, Founder and Executive Chairman of PriceHubble AG: «TECMA's ability to combine and digitise multiple sciences and artistic disciplines for the real estate market, combined with our strength in data science and digital solution development, makes for a very compelling proposition for our respective client groups. It also supports PriceHubble's vision to take the customer experience in real estate and finance to the next level.»

Stefan Heitmann, Founder and Executive Chairman of PriceHubble AG

Furthermore Julien Schillewaert, CEO of PriceHubble, comments: «TECMA's strong international focus fits very well with our international leadership aspiration and continuous expansion strategy; we will be able to work together across multiple countries in order to jointly provide local and international real estate companies with a comprehensive and complementary range of digital solutions. This offers multinational companies the opportunity to build their own digital ecosystem for their business. Moreover, TECMA's leadership in Italy allows us to take an important first step in the Italian market.»

Download here the press release.

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