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ImmoPrämie24 launches digital property valuation via voice control on Amazon Alexa

Published by Igor Omarov - 6 July 2021
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ImmoPrämie24, a technologically innovative real estate marketing company from Bielefeld, Germany, is bringing a new digital tool for real estate valuation via Amazon Alexa to the German real estate market. As of now, it is thus possible to obtain a precise market price estimate for any residential property in Germany in real time via Alexa with just a few details and only your own voice. The valuation is based on the valuation model and data from PriceHubble, one of the leading providers of digital solutions for the real estate industry. This makes it possible to precisely determine the statistically most likely market price of each residential property.

The new Alexa Skill can be activated free of charge directly via the Amazon homepage. Then start the dialogue with the digital voice assistant with the words: «Alexa, öffne Immobilienbewertung!» Two variants are then available for the property valuation itself. In the short version, the most important data of the property, e.g. property size and living space, are requested in order to be able to calculate an initial market price range. In the long version, a detailed valuation can then be carried out. For this purpose, additional data, such as the number of bathrooms or whether the building has a basement, are requested. The user then immediately receives the statistically most probable market price that can be achieved within the next 90 days. The values determined can also be sent directly to the user by e-mail free of charge.

«Our motivation for developing this new tool was to create a simple, yet precise, intuitive as well as accessible way for anyone to value their property, which at the same time can be perfectly combined with our ImmoPrämie24 service. For the implementation, we looked at various providers of digital property valuation software and finally found the best and most competent partner for the project in PriceHubble,» explains Hartmut Goldau, Managing Director of MarkenPrämie24.

With ImmoPrämie24, the potential property seller has the direct option of commissioning one of ImmoPrämie24's Germany-wide broker partners with the sale of his property and thus receiving an individual premium worth up to 30,000 euros corresponding to the property's sales value from ImmoPrämie24. «With the new legal regulation on the distribution of estate agent commission at the end of 2020, property sellers will now be charged at least half of the estate agent commission. These costs hurt, of course. With the ImmoPrämie24 concept, they have the opportunity to ease this pain through the premium and turn it into a joyful shopping experience for the whole family,» adds Hartmut Goldau.

The amount of the premium can also be calculated in the Alexa Skill with just one more voice command. The data required for this is automatically transferred in the Skill and the premium is calculated directly with the algorithm developed especially for ImmoPrämie24, named immediately and then also sent to the user by e-mail. «We thus offer our customers across Germany holistic support from the property valuation to the first contact with the real estate expert on site as well as the notarial purchase contract processing to the handover of the property,» says Hartmut Goldau, who has been active in the real estate market for 29 years.

«The integration of our valuation model into the digital voice assistant Alexa is an exciting project that we are happy to support. Above all, it shows once again how efficiently and intuitively our model works, and that it is able to output an accurate market price estimate for any residential property with just a few data, including spoken data,» explains Christian Crain, Managing Director of PriceHubble Germany.

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