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FinaSoft cooperates with PriceHubble and integrates digital property valuation

Published by Igor Omarov - 23 June 2020

The software company FinaSoft, which specialises in the financial and securities sector, has integrated PriceHubble's innovative property valuation into its FinaDesk product, thus offering financial service providers new options for advising their customers from June. 

With FinaDesk, financial service providers can inform their customers transparently, promptly and digitally about their liquid and illiquid assets and advise interested parties online and legally compliant in all securities issues. The integration of digital real estate valuations in FinaDesk opens up new opportunities for securities specialists to provide customers with more comprehensive and targeted advice and support in structuring their liquid assets.

PriceHubble's digital real estate valuation solution determines the market value of a house or apartment based on the PriceHubble model, which uses machine learning to analyze a wide range of different real estate data, converts them into algorithms and thus always provides up-to-date and precise estimates and presents them attractively. 

"Real estate is an essential part of the assets of most private banking clients, so it must also be considered comprehensively in the analysis. With PriceHubble, we were able to win a partner who convinced us with its innovative valuation logic using non-traditional data points and its modern infrastructure," says Christian Hank, Managing Director of FinaSoft GmbH.

Christian Crain, Managing Director of PriceHubble Deutschland GmbH, adds: "Since the end of 2018 we have already been very successful in the real estate and construction financing sector. With FinaSoft, we have now found a partner who has instantly understood our product and perfectly integrated it into its range of services. Combining our property valuations with other asset classes will create great added value for joint customers and support the full range of advisory services“.

The partnership is designed for the long term and is to be deepened step by step. FinaSoft is also planning further expansion steps towards comprehensive investment advice. 

Identifying and managing bulk risks in the portfolio with FinaDesk

The property itself is easily recorded in the FinaDesk interface by entering essential parameters. As a result, a market value including range and the expected price development for the next three years is displayed immediately. In this way, cluster risks from the sum of direct real estate investments and real estate shares/bonds in liquid assets become directly visible. The expected price development also allows a comparison with the expected return on securities assets.

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