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Credit Suisse trusts in PriceHubble

Published by Igor Omarov - 27 September 2022
Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse has launched two new digital real estate services, allowing clients to value and sell property online. Therefore, Credit Suisse joined forces with PriceHubble and MoneyPark.

The strategic partnership formed the backbone of the resulting end-to-end customer journey by combining digital banking, advisory and financing with exclusive real estate insights and analytics by PriceHubble and mortgage and real estate-related services by MoneyPark.

The Property Cockpit, launched in July 2022, is accessible free of charge for all private clients of Credit Suisse domiciled in Switzerland through Online Banking and the CSX Mobile App. Homeowners are able to discover the current market value of their home, gain important insights (e.g., noise levels) about their neighborhood and its amenities, view building projects nearby, keep track of their mortgage, and get a real-time indication of the market demand for their property.

The dynamic market valuation tool developed by PriceHubble also allows clients to refine and improve their property valuation. For example, clients can capture the impact of a renovation on their property value with just a few details provided. This marks a significant milestone towards a self-service digital ecosystem that at the same time enhances the traditional advisory model.

«We are extremely proud that leading international financial institutions like Credit Suisse trust in PriceHubble's technology. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ business performance and empower them to better engage with their consumers through exciting journeys and real estate insights. Our 200 employees work tirelessly to develop the best solutions for our clients,» comments Markus Stadler, Co-Founder and COO of PriceHubble.

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