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Published by Igor Omarov - 1 June 2022
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AgentSelly uses the PriceHubble solutions Lead Generator, Property Tracker and Property Advisor. We spoke to Philippe Trütsch, CEO of AgentSelly. He explains how the successful real estate marketing company has integrated and uses the PriceHubble solutions.

Could you give a brief introduction to AgentSelly?

AgentSelly specialises in real estate sales using a hybrid business model. We offer our clients the best of both worlds: Personal advice from regional experts multiplied by digital options to make real estate sales more transparent, efficient and successful.

How does AgentSelly position itself compared to other competitors in the market?

AgentSelly represents the easiest and most efficient way to sell real estate. We offer our clients everything from a single source: A reliable valuation, individual personal advice and professional marketing of their real estate. Innovative, fully transparent and always personally supervised by our experts.

What does a broker have to do to be successful in today's market environment?

The current market is interesting. We have seen a decline in supply of around 25% in the Swiss real estate market in recent years amid increased demand. For brokers, this means that, on the one hand, they are experiencing an increased competitive situation when acquiring new properties and, on the other hand, they have to cope with an increased demand for properties. On the supply side, this brings with it the challenge that they must explain the added value of their services to sellers in even greater detail. In terms of demand, they face the challenge of a high level of interest or volume of potential buyers who need to be personally guided through the evaluation and decision-making process.

Which PriceHubble solutions does AgentSelly use?

At AgentSelly, we are committed to the vision of creating maximum transparency for clients throughout the sales process. This starts for us with the free real estate valuation, at which point we present our clients with an initial assessment. After completing the online valuation process, which we have adapted to our requirements with the PriceHubble Lead Generator, the first valuation already contains very interesting information on the market situation or, for example, price trends in the region. The solution thus provides the first professional point of contact and enables clients to obtain a comprehensive valuation of the real estate, including the market conditions, easily and without much effort.

We then use the detailed assessment, i.e. the Property Advisor, for the next client visit. This allows us to provide further information on the market price on the supply side.

Following the personal consultation, our clients are given online access to their real estate valuation by email. They can use it to track the value, buyer interest, market segment and other parameters regarding their real estate. PriceHubble makes it possible thanks to the Property Tracker.

«We were able to implement our business case successfully using PriceHubble's technical interface and exactly to our specifications.»

Can you describe how you have benefited from the PriceHubble solutions?

We were able to improve the first professional touchpoint with our clients substantially. The online valuation, which was developed in the AgentSelly design, has a clear structure, is easy to use and contains all the necessary information – in short, the perfect basis for building a customer relationship.

By using the detailed assessment during the client visit, we were also able to improve consultation significantly through more reference values. Our clients receive transparent information and, as such, a better understanding of prices and the market. Ultimately, we use all three PriceHubble solutions to present a more professional image to our clients.

How do your clients respond to the PriceHubble solutions?

The reactions we receive are consistently positive. In particular, for the visually high-quality and transparent processing of the valuation as well as its easy handling.

Why did you opt to partner with PriceHubble?

We had several reasons, to be sure. The visual capabilities of the PriceHubble solutions and the detailed interface documentation were crucial for us as we had developed our own solution. Ultimately, the win-win mindset of the PriceHubble team was certainly an important factor, which was reflected in the joint business case.

How would you describe your experience working with PriceHubble?

AgentSelly thinks very much in terms of business cases. In this case, it was this one: The big challenge in real estate sales is that the sales journey often extends over months or years. It is therefore essential to provide sustainable and needs-based support to potential clients over the entire period.

We were able to implement this business case successfully using PriceHubble's technical interface and exactly to our specifications. One of the things we expect from our partners is that they understand our way of doing the work. PriceHubble is a partner that understands and takes this into account. The whole PriceHubble team gave us proactive support in the development of our solution.

PriceHubble solution for AgentSelly

A customised API solution was created for AgentSelly (solutions integrated via interface). Lead Generator, Property Tracker and Property Advisor products have been implemented and augmented in the AgentSelly workflow.

The Lead Generator was used to create a simple online form in the AgentSelly design, which triggers a quick valuation of residential real estate. An email is then automatically generated containing this real estate valuation, inviting you at the same time to a personal consultation. The lead is generated, but the person may not want to sell until a later point in time.

Now, the PriceHubble Property Tracker kicks in. This was also custom-integrated by AgentSelly via an interface and implemented in an attractive design. Clients are given access via URL to the AgentSelly dashboard with the most important parameters about their own real estate, including interactive elements such as the PriceHubble price map.

AgentSelly uses this dashboard as a permanent solution for pending leads. Clients can access the URL up to the point of sale and even afterwards. The Property Tracker regularly sends automated emails with the link to the dashboard and alerts clients to updated data in the dashboard.

In this way, clients who have used the first real estate valuation via the online form but have not yet decided to sell their property can still contact AgentSelly without any great effort. Existing clients benefit from personalised information and form the basis for repeat business and referrals.

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