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Our core company values

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Published by Igor Omarov - 30 September 2021
Company Values

Core values are important for every company. What are PriceHubble's values and how do we ensure that they are being actively implemented in all countries?

The definition of core values are the set of guiding principles and fundamental beliefs that help a group of people function together as a team and work toward a common business goal. They are the foundation of an organisation and influence the way a company interacts with employees, customers, shareholders and external partners. Core values should be aligned with a company culture to be able to create a positive working environment which delivers employee satisfaction and recognition.

How to define and establish company values?

When defining company values it is important to answer the following questions:

What is crucial for your organisation?

How do you want to establish your place in the marketplace?

What experience are you going to provide for your customer?

Highlight and shortlist the keywords. Use unique short sentences which are memorable and used for guidance.

The emphasis is to look closely at the culture and the vision of an organisation in order to define what your company should stand for. When establishing company values an organisation should keep in mind to set the values actionable, memorable, unique and timeless with internal and external goals.

People come from all walks of life, we are all very different and come from different cultures and backgrounds. We all have different beliefs, different sets of values and behaviors. How we were raised and the values we received from our parents dictate the way we behave and interact with others. As we are growing up we start creating our own values. Our decisions, actions, and communications guide us to make connections. We all tend to look for the familiar because that brings us safety and trust. We want to stand for what we believe in and when we find the shared common values we are naturally drawn to them.

What is the importance of having company core values?

Core values create the bond, a purpose to follow and clarify the direction in why you do what you do. They can surely differentiate do’s and don’ts and the decision making process in an organisation. When companies have guiding philosophies it is easier to teach values than to teach rules.

What are core values at PriceHubble?

In 2019 our leadership team established our company core values which we have carefully considered. We chose these values as guidelines to live by and believe they have deep appreciation for our employees, the working environment and our customers.

Our core values include:

1 - Be Bold: You want to make a difference? Shoot for the moon! You might fail, but you’ll always learn. Get outside your comfort zone - let’s change the real estate world together!

2 - Own It: We hate bureaucracy. We love ownership. Take initiative, get things done and help us drive PriceHubble forward! Not only do we deliver but we always aim at exceeding expectations!

3 - Team Up: No trust, no us - we’re one big growing family! Empathise and respect each other. And don’t forget, life is short. Love what you do, have fun - let’s enjoy the ride together!

How do we ensure the consistency of our core values?

We start at the very beginning. During the interview process we make sure to find the cultural fit for our organisation, which means that the values of a potential new hire need to align with our company core values. We are true believers of teamwork, accomplishing things together, collaborating, supporting and respecting each other with dignity and professionalism. We build trust through responsible actions and are being accountable for our results.

As a growing company, we are keen on implementing HR guidelines and a knowledge base platform which are going to be helpful to all our employees around the globe on how to navigate the remote work set up in various locations. Also, we are investing in learning and development program opportunities for all our full and part-time employees by offering a budget to support their professional progress at PriceHubble. We are also going to implement a variety of training programs in the near future to drive the mission of employee recognition and engagement.

With the right values in place, we can create a strong foundation and a strong company that was built to last.

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