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Meet the Founders: Stefan Heitmann

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Published by Igor Omarov - 11 August 2021
Blog post SHA / Stefan Heitmann

PriceHubble is already five years old. It’s about time we got to know our founders a little better. We have interviewed Stefan Heitmann, the founder of PriceHubble and president of its management board, and found out quite a bit about him and the foundation of PriceHubble.

Can you tell us something interesting about yourself outside of work?

For a few years, I have been practising Thai boxing as a hobby. That in itself is not all that interesting, but at some point, my coach, the co-founder of my Thai boxing club, had problems with his sponsors and it seemed as though he was about to lose his own club. Three other club members and I decided to help him out and buy out the sponsors. So not only am I a passionate student of Thai boxing, I am also a proud co-owner of a little Thai boxing club!

Describe PriceHubble in three words only.

Market-shaping, market-changing, market-leading.

Which part of your time with PriceHubble has been most interesting?

As the founder, the time that takes me from the initial business idea to the first customer is the most exciting to me. The first customer is your first confirmation that the business idea you have become so passionate about is more than just a dream: that there is a market for, and customers are willing to pay for it. I find that enormously satisfying and thrilling.

Stefan Heitmann
Stefan Heitmann, founder and president of the board of directors of PriceHubble

When you founded the company five years ago, did you expect that PriceHubble would be active in nine countries at this stage?

Not at all. I always wanted PriceHubble to be as international as it can be. That is why I got us into our first foreign market, France, after less than a year in Switzerland. But I did not expect nine countries in just five years.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who want to launch a start-up?

Fight passionately for your idea, but do not forget that every business idea needs customers. As founders, we sometimes wait too long until we dare to approach potential customers. But customers make good ideas better, and potential investors won’t see any value if you make no sales.

Is there anything else you would like to say about PriceHubble?

PriceHubble has grown incredibly fast and has successfully developed into an independent provider of analytics based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and will shape the real estate and financial market for years to come, I have no doubt about that. For the very first time, large data volumes, the power of machine learning and top product design come together to create a digital product world that excites consumers as well as B2B clients. It creates an unprecedented level of transparency in global real estate markets. Stay tuned and follow us!

Thank you for the interview, Stefan!

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