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First 100 days: meet Helene

  • Inside PriceHubble
Published by Igor Omarov - 2 March 2022
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Helene Ackermann joined PriceHubble as Chief Revenue Officer on 1 December 2021. We spoke to Helene about her first 100 days.

Describe your first 100 days in three words.

Innovation, drive, talents.

What is your impression of PriceHubble after your first 100 days?

PriceHubble has huge potential. Our solutions offer customers and partners real support and process optimisations with precise market and rental prices, value projections, and analyses for residential property. The team is also really motivated, and the company has a great corporate culture.

Describe your role as Chief Revenue Officer in your own words.

As Chief Revenue Officer, I focus on and support all corporate strategies that promote revenue growth and drive expansion. The aim is to win and grow the number of satisfied customers and partners with a team of efficient, successful and happy Hubblers.

Which teams and colleagues do you work closely with?

I mainly work with the Sales and Marketing teams for our nine active markets. I also work with a number of other departments, including Communications, Product Management and Data Engineering.

What aspect of your previous experience will be most valuable for PriceHubble?

My professional experience certainly helps me to work with the entire International Sales & Channel Management team in order to grow turnover – both in the context of international sales coordination and establishing and optimising a focused and efficient client and partner journey.

What surprised you during your first 100 days at PriceHubble?

My first 100 days practically flew by! It’s been an exciting journey so far. What really surprised me was the team spirit. You can really feel it despite working remotely and across national borders. Everyone at the company pulls in the same direction, and that’s really positive.

Is there anything else you would like to say about PriceHubble?

I really enjoy working with this amazing team and growing with PriceHubble!

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