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Code or no code? 4 easy steps to help you integrate PriceHubble with your tool of choice using Zapier

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Published by Igor Omarov - 10 January 2022

You don't need to work with a team of developers to create integrated marketing campaigns built around PriceHubble insights. All you need is Zapier. This blog post outlines how you can easily integrate PriceHubble to your tool of choice in 4 simple steps; check it out.

Haven't heard of Zapier? No problemo, here's a quick intro: Zapier is a no-code tool that connects the software you use every day together. That connection (all technological and happens somewhere in the cloud) can be used to automate and integrate parts of your workflow.

Zapier Glossary

You'll need to familiarise yourself with Zapier's unique vocabulary before getting started. Here's a quick overview of the most important terms.

  • Automate: is used to describe the action of programming software to do something instead of a person. For example, getting an automatic email response to a contact form you filled in online.
  • Workflow: is used to describe the process a task or action goes through from initiation to completion.
  • Trigger: is an event that starts a Zap.
  • Action: is an event a Zap performs after it is triggered.
  • Zap: a Zap is an automated workflow that consists of a trigger and one or more actions. After a Zap has been switched on, it will run the action steps every time a trigger occurs.

Visit the Zapier website to view the entire Zapier glossary.

Zapier’s application library consists of over 3000 tools! Using Zapier to integrate your app of choice to PriceHubble will allow you to build new workflows leveraging PriceHubble valuations and real estate insights. From CRMs to marketing automation tools, from forms to sheets and more –– the only limit is your imagination.

Build workflows that support your real estate marketing campaign

If you don’t have a Zapier account already, you need to create one first. Head over to the Zapier homepage and sign up. Once you’ve chosen your account type and activated your account, you can start creating Zaps.

You can create Zaps directly from your Zapier dashboard.

As mentioned above, our aim here is to show you how easy it is to create a marketing campaign using PriceHubble and Zapier. We were spoiled for choice with Zapier’s 3000+ applications. For the sake of illustrating this process, we could only choose one app as an example –– so we’ve chosen a simple yet popular integration option for PriceHubble users: Google Sheets. But, the principles and process explained in these four steps can easily be applied to any other software product, just pick your preferred application instead of Google Sheets.

If you need inspiration, we’ve added a list of tools at the end of this blog post.

In this example, we’d like to illustrate how easy it is to create a PriceHubble Dossier out of the information pulled from a row in a Google sheet.

Step 1: Structure your document, then connect Google Sheets to PriceHubble

First, format your Google sheet in such a way that each column represents the real estate data you require to create a Dossier.

Include columns for the following required fields: customer name, email address, street name, house number, postal code, floor area in sqm, construction year, property type, number of rooms, country code.

See the image below:

Zapier image 1 EN.png

Then set up your Zap so that a Dossier is created every time a new row has been added to your sheet. To do this, you need to choose Google Sheets and PriceHubble in the Create your own workflow window.

Then you need to select the trigger New Spreadsheet Row and action Dossier Creation.

Zapier image 2.png

What is a Dossier?

A dossier is what we at PriceHubble call an individual residential property report containing a valuation and an analysis.

Step 2: Authorize Zapier to connect to your Google account

Zapier is a cool third-party; he’s your middle man; he’ll be doing things on your behalf using your Google Account (or whatever other app you’ve chosen to connect).

This means, if you’ve never used Google Sheets and PriceHubble on Zapier before, you need to first give Zapier permission to execute actions on your behalf. This can be done by connecting your Google account to Zapier and authorising Zapier.

TLDR; log into Google via Zapier. Choose the account to connect, Add a New Account and then follow the on-screen instructions.

If you have already connected your Google account to Zapier, select your account from the dropdown, and again, follow the on-screen instructions.

Zapier image 3.png

Step 3: Set up your trigger

To ensure that the Zap (automated workflow) you created is set up correctly and works as intended, you need to test your trigger and action. Thankfully, Zapier makes this easy.

Perform the trigger test by following the on-screen instructions, i.e. choose a sheet to test and then click on the Test trigger button.

Tip: Make sure that your company’s Google Drive account has the correct permissions in place that enable Zapier to access your Google sheets. If your drive structure is set up in a way that disallows you from sharing outside of your organisation, your spreadsheets might not come up in the dropdown list –– contact your administrator for further assistance.

Zapier image 3.png

The result of this test will show you exactly which data is pulled from your Google sheet. If all is correct, simply Continue. If not, adjust your spreadsheet and then repeat the test.

Only once the trigger test is successful can you create your desired action.

*Remember the action is what you would like to occur when triggered.

Step 4: Configure your first action and Create a Dossier

In line with the example above, the action we will explain now is Dossier Creation. But, always bear in mind that PriceHubble's Zapier integration offers many more options such as Dossier Sharing, Property Valuation, and Offer Statistics.

Dossiers are available on Property Advisor –– PriceHubble’s flagship product. You can only use this integration if you have an account. If you don’t have an account already, no problem! Contact us to schedule a demo and get a free trial.

Setting up your action requires you to first connect your Property Advisor account. Do this by entering in your credentials –– username and password.

Zapier image 4.png

Once you’ve done that, choose Dossier Creation from the Action Event dropdown and click Continue.

dossier creation zapier.png

Now for the nitty-gritty…

To create a Dossier, you need to make sure that the fields pulled from your spreadsheet match the required fields in the Action Event form. These are the required fields we mentioned above in Step 1.

A little bit of manual work is needed now, but it's totally worth it. This will be automated and you will save so much time in future. So, spend five minutes matching the column in your sheet to the required fields for your Dossier.

set up action zapier.png

Once that’s done, test the action. If your test was successful, your Property Advisor account should have one new Dossier added. You can verify this by logging in (hint: we tested this out already and we guarantee it works *wink*).

Zapier test image.png
Zapier image 9.png

If you’re happy with the results - turn your Zap on so that you never have to create a Dossier manually again! Hooray!

With Zapier, your Zaps can be very simple workflows consisting of two steps OR very complicated made up of multiple triggers and actions. You can also integrate more than one tool into a single workflow. Add additional steps using the plus sign underneath your previous step.

Do more than create Dossiers

Quickly retrieve the property’s estimated value and use that information in your campaign

Your outbound campaign doesn’t need to end with the creation of a Dossier. Let’s face it, your client is only interested in one thing –– his/her property. Extracting and then sharing relevant information such as the value evolution of the property in question and recent market dynamics will provide the perfect reasons for your prospect to get in touch!

So, build on your workflow. Add additional steps that allow you to first retrieve the Property Value and market statistics, then get a shareable link, and finally, share those insights in an email that’s configured to be sent to your prospect automatically. (This can be set up with your preferred mailing client e.g. Gmail, MailChimp, Autopilot, or Sarbacane.)

Our integration makes it easy for you to extract this information. To get the property value in the same workflow, you’ll need to add another step to your Zap. This step will use Valuation as the Action Event and will naturally need to proceed after the Dossier Creation step.

Zapier image 9.png

To get a property valuation, you need a Dossier_Id. To get a Dossier_Id, you need to re-enter all the required fields from your sheet when setting up the Valuation action as per the image below.

Zapier image 10.png

Then, under the field Dossier_Id, select 2.Dossier Creation in PriceHubble from the Insert Data dropdown. The reason to select two here is because the Dossier_Id information is pulled from the previous step in your Zap (Dossier Creation).

Zapier image 11.png

Note: If you are a Lead Generator user, you can skip the previous step (Dossier Creation), and instead, enter your Lead Generator credentials in the current step. You do not need a DossierId.

Then, simply test your Valuation action.

Zapier image 12.png

Create a shareable link to your Dossier and share your Dossier with your prospect

Sharing the Dossier you’ve just created with your prospect is easy as pie! We’re still building on that workflow, this adds another step. Add a new step and select Dossier Sharing as your Action Event.

Zapier image 12.png

Select the same Dossier_id again, then, fill out the required fields. PriceHubble needs to know how long the link needs to be live for and the relevant country code. The locale you need to enter is simply: en_GB

Zapier image 13.png

Test the action. If successful, a link to share your Dossier is returned. This link is the link you can share with your prospect.

Zapier image 14.png

Do that by adding an additional step that integrates your preferred email provider OR your marketing automation tool.

Zapier image 15.png

Go Wild: the sky's the limit!

Unlock the power of Zapier and use PriceHubble real estate insights to run all sorts of marketing campaigns, from lead generation to reactivation, from remarketing to nurturing and more.

We’ve listed a couple of tools that PriceHubble users love to integrate into their customized workflows. This is because Zapier lets you link PriceHubble to literally ANY other app:

  • CRMs: Salesforce, Hubspot, PipeDrive
  • Marketing automation tool: MailChimp, Autopilot, Marketo
  • Website’s form software: Typeform, Airtable, Google Forms
  • And, whatever app you have in mind

We’ve covered the basics: everything mentioned above are the key ingredients to setting up and implementing the workflow of your dreams. The only limit is your imagination. So off you go, go wild and take advantage of all these ways to use PriceHubble insights!

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