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Why BOTTIMMO uses PriceHubble solutions

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Published by Igor Omarov - 13 August 2021
BOTTIMMO Partnership

BOTTIMMO AG is a PriceHubble partner and found its new sales manager in Sven Cunningham. Sven has many years of experience in the real estate sector. His goal is to establish BOTTIMMO in the Swiss market. We spoke with Sven about the partnership with PriceHubble and his plans for BOTTIMMO in Switzerland.

Hi Sven, what exactly does BOTTIMMO do?

BOTTIMMO connects brokers and owners. In this way, we help our customers find properties to sell. BOTTIMMO offers all of the content, tools, processes, technologies and the necessary know-how for successful acquisition marketing. This helps brokers to keep pace with the competition in both online and offline marketing and allows them to extend their strong local brand to the internet as well. Real estate agents urgently need to do this because they are increasingly faced with the challenge of competing against large digital platforms.

We offer everything needed to do this in a single app, adapted to the local brokerage. Our app enables brokers to work in a targeted and efficient manner with a clear overview. We use this marketing as a service platform to provide high-quality and customised content adapted specifically to the unique features of the Swiss real estate market, including guides and advertising materials, optimised landing pages, automated e-mail funnels and much more. We also support our customers with data-driven and optimised performance marketing. Our package allows local real estate agents to carry out modern marketing.

Where does the name BOTTIMMO come from?

BOTTIMMO AG was founded in Bottighofen on Lake Constance. It’s a classic start-up, although it was founded in an apartment rather than a garage. The name BOTTIMMO comes from the name of the town where the company was founded – Bottighofen, affectionately known as “Botti” to locals – and the German word for real estate, «Immobilien».

Bottighofen is called the «Silicon Valley of Lake Constance» and we think there’s good reason for this. Exciting companies are based in this town of 2,000, including HolidayCheck, BLACKROLL and Casasoft, and they’ve found a lot of qualified employees here. We are proud to be a part of it.

Why have you decided to partner with PriceHubble?

BOTTIMMO and PriceHubble share the same mission of changing the real estate industry, digitalising it and creating new solutions for it. While PriceHubble does this through data-based innovation, BOTTIMMO creates innovative marketing solutions for real estate agents. So we use the data processed by PriceHubble as the raw material for strong acquisition marketing. Both companies are active internationally and thus have significant potential.

Sven Cunningham BOTTIMMO.jpg
Sven Cunningham, Head of Sales BOTTIMMO AG

How exactly will the PriceHubble solution help your customers?

Working together with PriceHubble will enable BOTTIMMO to provide real estate agents with a simple solution for the initial appraisal of the value of a property. This quick initial appraisal will mainly help as a door-opener to a potential seller.

The initial contact is especially important for real estate agents because it enables the establishment of a relationship with this lead. Among other things, BOTTIMMO helps with automated email processes which shows the real estate agent’s expertise, provides a look at other services and points out issues that involve significant advising. The precision, reliability and intuitive use of the tool make this partnership especially valuable.

We are already working on further innovative solutions with PriceHubble that will enable real estate agents to offer owners in their region entirely new types of services related to their property – fully automated, highly customised and, above all, with decisive added value for owners and thus for real estate agents as well.

What are your plans for Switzerland?

Our path in Switzerland is unusual. We’re Swiss, but we first took on the market in Germany and Austria and now we’re using this experience to expand consistently in our own country. We want to increase our visibility on the Swiss real estate market and gain new customers in order to become the market leader in Switzerland as well.

The main challenge here is the diversity of the individual real estate markets. In Switzerland, there are fewer real estate companies that focus primarily on real estate agents. Many Swiss companies are active in project development and management, only acting as an agent for existing properties as a side project.

As a result of this division, the average company in Switzerland is more established and much larger than, say, Germany. The general expectation of Swiss companies is also different from other markets.

As a Swiss company, BOTTIMMO does not want to make the common mistake of simply rolling out a “German” product in Switzerland. We want to approach each market individually in order to ensure the best possible results for local real estate agents. That’s why I joined BOTTIMMO. That’s why I’m here in my home country.

I’m happy to be able to put my many years of experience to work in the Swiss real estate market. It will be an exciting task to adapt the tool more precisely to the Swiss market. There are great opportunities here for us and the digitalisation of Swiss real estate brokerages.

Thank you for speaking with us, Sven!

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