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Take a look at our annual Company Reunion!

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Published by Igor Omarov - 30 September 2022
Inside PriceHubble - Company Reunion

This year’s Company reunion was one for the books!

After 2 years without being able to be reunited, almost every Hubbler gathered in Amsterdam for three days of business insights, workshops, passionate stories and fun.

To introduce the 3 day meeting, our founders Stefan Heitmann and Markus Stadler told us all about how PriceHubble came to life. For a lot of us, it was the first time hearing this inspiring story. With their own words, we got a good perspective of what gave them the will to start this adventure and how it grew from just them two to all of us in only 6 years. We had a clear vision of our next steps and next goals.

The reunion was also the right time for our 180 hubblers to take a few trainings and workshops all together or in small groups. We got to share our experiences, understand our future needs and create and propose new ideas but also define better ways to work together as a collective team, through the corporate values workshop for example.

All of that was great and motivating but what would be a company reunion without some fun?

From boat sailing, to cocktail making to Virtual Reality Experience, everyone had a chance to take some time off to have a fun activity in the city of Amsterdam. It also gave us more chances to bond! Then it was party time to finish the day in the best way possible.

This annual meeting was the opportunity for a lot of hubblers to meet for the first time. After working together for sometimes several months or years, finally meeting in real life was fulfilling.

According to the organization team, there is a high chance of having a company reunion next year..

Can you guess where it will take place?

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