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Get more out of your lead generation tool: 4 steps for realtors

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Gepubliceerd door Igor Omarov - 2 februari 2022

How lead generation tools benefit real estate professionals - and how to make them work

Lead generation tools have become an invaluable element of any marketing strategy. They make it easy for you as a real estate agent to get new leads, whether they are homebuyers or looking to sell.

The most popular in the market are widgets (embedded on your website) that provide free property valuations as a means to identify potential sellers. In return for leaving their phone number and other contact information, homeowners receive an immediate, realistic price range of the property they’re looking to sell.

As both communication and consumer decisions shift further into the digital realm, it's more important to reach potential clients where they look for information - on their devices.

At least, that’s the theory. In practice, some real estate agents find themselves disillusioned with their lead generation tools. Some of the reasons could be:

  • The tool wasn’t as easy to implement
  • The tool didn’t generate as many leads as expected
  • The tool didn’t generate high-quality leads
  • Online leads generated from the tool were harder to convert

But, that's no reason to think that these tools don't work! In this blog post, we'll talk you through what you need in order to be successful with your lead generation tool in 4 easy steps.

1) Manage expectations (yours and your clients’)

To use a lead capture tool successfully, a clear understanding of its function – and limitations – is essential. Think of it as an “automatic door” to your “virtual shop”; it will open to anyone, inviting them in and offering them the chance to take a closer look at your products and services. This gives you the opportunity to start a sales conversation.

However, an automatic door alone will not be able to bring in more customers. You will still need to think about making your shop windows as attractive as possible. Also, is your store positioned where the most foot traffic is?

Implementing a lead gen tool is important in turning website visitors into leads. However, it should not be looked at in isolation. Instead, it needs to be part of your broader marketing strategy - it’s the first step in telling your story and in starting your customers journey.

An important aspect to consider here is your clients’ point of view. What is their experience of the different stages in your customer acquisition process? How can you improve? To answer these questions, develop one or more customer personas to better understand the clients you are targeting. Think about your customers

  • Socio-economic background
  • Needs and pain points
  • Preferences and expectations as consumers
  • And of course, your unique selling proposition: what do you offer them that no one else does?

This information will enable you to structure your marketing strategy around your target customers and their expectation of the sales process. Ideally your lead generation tool should slot into your strategy.

As the market is ripe with options, you will need to narrow it down to the key characteristics a tool has to have in order to work within the framework of your real estate marketing strategy.

Look for a tool that is easy to implement and is customisable and flexible. To deliver a real benefit, the tool you choose needs to fit seamlessly into your workflow. Additionally, tools that offer true value for potential buyers and sellers, for example in the form of personalised market insights, are much more likely to tempt them into leaving their contact information.

This is where you need to make some tough decisions: if your current tool does not live up to your, and your clients’, expectations, it might be time to switch to a new one. If, however, it ticks all the required boxes, but is not (yet) generating leads at the pace or quality you were hoping to see, it might be sensible to work out the kinks in your larger strategy first to ensure that when you do change tools, it’s a change for the better.

lead generation process.png
Lead generation tools play an important part in the conversion stage of the client interaction, turning visitors into leads. However, the phases that lead up to it and later nurture leads are just as important. Source: blog.hubspot.com

For more information, delve into our article on how to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy as a realtor - for example, by using social media to your advantage.

2) Make sure your website gets the attention it deserves (and learn from best practices)

To set yourself and your lead generation tool up for success, you will need to master the art of online real estate marketing at least to some degree. The good news is that instead of starting from scratch, you can simply become a marketing aficionado by studying what has worked for others.

One tried and tested strategy is to improve online visibility. By generating more traffic to your website, you also increase the number of potential leads. Here are the best ways to achieve this:

  • Producing content relevant to your target group is essential here, as it will gradually draw more visitors to your website. Consider writing blog articles, shooting some videos, why not even create a podcast? Showcase your expertise, let your potential clients know that they can trust you.

  • Making sure your content appears in search results: Learning about SEO (search engine optimisation) is key for your content to be seen by the right people. By working on search engine optimisation, you can identify the right keywords, design tailored landing pages and answer questions often searched for online. To find out more, check out our articles on SEO Basics for real estate agents and how to build a comprehensive SEO strategy!

  • To increase this effect, of course, you can employ SEA (search engine advertising) in the form of paid ads. However, keep in mind that pay-per-click (ppc) visits, such as from Google ads, dry up as soon as discontinued.

3) Create a high quality experience for your potential customers

Once you have got your target audience’s attention, however, the next challenge is to keep it. For the lead generation tool to work effectively, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Most importantly, your website should be easy to use and navigate. Ideally, you design your website in a way that users immediately know where to click. Taking a look at the most basic design and usability rules.

  • One element that is often underestimated is the load time: according to a study conducted by Google, if a page load time increases from 1 to 3 seconds, the probability of a bounce increases too… by 32%!

  • Your lead generation tool needs to be placed where it is immediately visible and easily accessible - preferably on your homepage, or on a page that’s often visited.

  • Make sure to highlight the benefit of using your lead generation tool and why users should definitely make use of your tool. What will they get in exchange for providing their contact details?

Lastly, another essential best practice is to make sure any leads, but especially qualified leads, receive a follow up without delay. A marketing automation or CRM tool, tied into your workflow, can work wonders here. Through email marketing and targeted phone calls, nurture leads and engage with the people behind them for them to turn into clients.

💡 Did you know that it is often possible to integrate different solutions to save time and automate your marketing processes? From CRM to marketing automation tools, lead generation solutions to forms, spreadsheets and more - all you need is a tool like Zapier.

4) Invest time and be patient

To get you started, consistency is key. If at all possible, set aside a few hours every week to focus on online marketing. For example:

  • Streamline your website’s design and layout
  • Write blog posts on topics your target group will search for
  • Take your social media channels beyond “property for sale” posts by imbuing them with your very own brand character.

As with most organic marketing measures, it will then take time for your lead generation strategy and tools to reach their full potential. After all, in the real estate industry, you are dealing with some of the longest consumer decision cycles. Once you have built a tailored and sustainable marketing strategy, you can feel confident in your resource investments. As your lead generation is starting to take off, you will have the opportunity to fine-tune your funnel.


Lead generation tools are not magic wands. Still, they are an important lead source. Used correctly and in coordination with other marketing tools, lead generation tools can deliver a substantial contribution to your sales funnel by making it easy to start client interactions. To use such tools to their full potential, make sure to:

  • Have a clear view of their function and realistic expectations of their impact as well as your potential clients’ expectations toward a real estate website,

  • Get your website attention it deserves,

  • Create a high quality experience for your potential customers,

  • Have patience to reap the rewards of your efforts.

If you’re familiar with what we offer, you may have heard about our solution Lead Generator. It lets you catch seller leads early by offering a precise free valuation tool on your website. Would you like to know more about it, or do you have questions related to how to use it? Contact us!

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