Real estate agents & Intermediaries
Solidify your position as your seller's go-to on all real estate matters. From capturing leads to advising on strategy –– we have a suitable product for every stage of the customer journey.
  • Catch seller leads early
    Technology has disrupted the real estate industry. Almost all sellers now start their journey online. Capitalize on this by offering a free valuation tool on your website that enables you to capture leads as early as possible.
    Lead Generator
    Attract leads with free property valuations.
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  • Convert seller leads into mandates
    Sellers want to work hand-in-hand with an expert that they can trust to give them informed advice. Using data to provide accurate market analyses and property valuations helps you nail your pricing strategy and ensures your mandates get their asking price.
    Property Advisor
    Analyse and value your customer’s property
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  • Engage your passive prospects
    Finding new ways to leverage your existing contact base and communicate to prospects helps you stay top of mind. Offering up-to-date information on market trends, upcoming projects, and changes in property value help you stay relevant.
    Property Match
    Help your customer find the right property
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    Property Tracker
    Update your customer on their property
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