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  • Carry out in-depth real estate market analyses and due diligence within the blink of an eye.
  • Gear up your investment and development teams with the most advanced RE analytics tools to speed up decision making.
  • Leverage the most sophisticated AI driven insights for your investment strategies.
  • Suggested to:
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Asset Managers
  • Investors

Solutions available:

  • Advanced market analytics
    • Get an in depth market analysis in a few mouse clicks and make smarter real estate decisions: Sharpest property valuation for market price and market rent, in depth analysis of similar offers and transactions, socio economics, Point of interest, Transports, Building permits and many more
    • Run any possible scenario and analyze its impact on property value
    • Products available:
    • Web App
    Advanced market analytics
  • Building level or Portfolio level valuation
    • Instant market price and rent valuation for all the units in multifamily buildings or entire portfolios
    • Run multiple scenarios and analyse the impact on property values
    • Products available:
    • API
    • Excel
    Building level or Portfolio level valuation
  • Bespoke Investment strategies
    • Leverage the full PriceHubble weaponry to create your own data and AI-driven investment strategies
    • Products available:
    • Bespoke
    Bespoke Investment strategies

Case Studies

  • IkoryConsulting Company

    Discover how IKORY uses PriceHubble insights to advise its clients in their residential real estate investment strategies (Case study in French)

    ↓ Download Case study
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