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Adviser — Real Estate Agents

Advise — Real Estate Agents
  • Get early access to new customer leads and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
  • Create and share powerful market analyses and interactive reports
  • Advise and set pricing strategies with the most reliable and actionable data insights
  • Stay the trusted partner of your clients well after the initial transaction and boost your referral business
  • Suggested to:
  • Real Estate Agents

Solutions available:

  • Embed our other APIs
    • Build upon our dozens of APIs to create new user journeys: Similar offers and transactions, Points of interest, Transports, Building permits, etc.
    • Products available:
    • API
    Embed our other APIs
  • Property valuation API

    Embed a property price and rent valuation on your website and generate valuable leads for your business

    • Products available:
    • API
    • Widget
    Embed a property valuation on your website
  • Digital real estate advisory
    • Offer a digital and comprehensive market analysis to your client on a specific property: Sharp property valuation, in depth analysis of similar offers and transactions, Points of interest, Transports, Building permits and many more...
    • Turn your screen and become the trustworthy partner on real estate topics, share a permalink with the client, generate a PDF report.

    • Products available:
    • Web App
    • IFrame
    Offer an unmatched transparency on the market
  • Property watch
    • Keep your clients engaged - update them on the latest market evolutions around their properties: individual valuation, market dynamics, new building permits, new transactions or offers.
    • Products available:
    • API
    • Widget
    Property watch

Case studies

  • Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-18 um 16.25.34.pngReal Estate Agent

    Oliver Grimm is moving away from the conventional, and is focusing on innovative marketing strategies and new ways within the real estate industry. To do this, he uses digital solutions from PriceHubble for property valuation. In the interview, Oliver Grimm explains what experiences he has already had with these and where he sees the trends going in his industry.

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