Complete visibility of risks related to residential real estate

Level up your risk analysis with Big Data and AI. PriceHubble lets you analyse and value property at scale using robust datasets including ESG.

Significantly speed up and improve your workflows

Make data-driven decisions in a flash by adding real-time property valuations to your workflow. You can analyse any property in just a few clicks and quickly ascertain whether a property is under or overvalued, perform LTV calculations and more.

Risk Portfolio

Analyse and value your loan portfolio

Banks: Evaluate a single property or an entire portfolio.

Make quick, data-driven decisions upon loan origination, monitoring or loan recovery for residential property.

Risk ESG

Get the complete overview

Banks: Enrich your database with critical information.

Fill information gaps by plugging in PriceHubble’s robust datasets including multi-country coverage and ESG insights.


Improve your policy pricing model

Insurers: Check and validate property value.

Optimise the way you price by training your pricing models to incorporate valuations based on exclusive real estate insights.

Critical datasets, sharp valuation model, explainable results

Leverage insights from the largest proprietary residential real estate database in Europe to value, analyse and obtain critical information about your properties.

Accurate insights (4)

Precise valuations

Quickly determine the market value of any residential property.

Market Insights (1)

Critical insights

Access an exclusive, comprehensive, global database of real estate insights.

Standard APIs (1)

Standard APIs

Standardised APIs make automation possible and integration easy.



Incorporate sustainability in real estate into your risk models.

Enterprise-grade security

PriceHubble has successfully passed stringent security audits for some of the largest financial institutions, retail and private banks in the world. That’s because an enterprise-grade solution requires enterprise-grade security. Our customers trust us because we adhere to the strictest security standards. Our software is available and our infrastructure is reliable. We are GDPR-compliant and are currently in the process of securing our ISO27001 and ISAE3000 certifications.

Security image

See PriceHubble in action

We would be happy to talk you through our offering and find the best solution to suit your needs.

Risk White Paper (9)

The ESG pressure is on: update your credit risk management frameworks today!

Don’t fly blind when it comes to the impact of ESG on residential real estate. Instead, get an overview of the climate and environmental risks facing European banks and update your frameworks to account for them. Read our white paper to find out more.

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