Get more mandates with exclusive real estate data

Convince prospects of your expertise with cutting-edge solutions and customisable collaterals –– we’ve got you covered from lead acquisition to conversion!

Everything you need to transform prospects into mandates

Catch seller leads early with free online valuations, convert them into mandates with accurate valuations delivered in slick top-notch reports, or, turn property into a touchpoint that can be used to nurture your existing contacts.

Catch seller leads early (1)

Attract seller leads early

Swift, free property valuations on your website.

Capture seller leads early by capitalising on your web traffic –– made possible the most easy-to-use lead gen tool on the market.

Convert seller leads into mandates

Convert leads into mandates

Exclusive real estate data at your fingertips.

Quickly analyse and value property and generate stunning, branded, customisable, customer-facing reports.

Engage your passive prospects

Engage passive prospects

Generate business from your existing client base.

Trigger referrals, increase loyalty and engagement by providing customers with regular updates about their property’s value.

wolfram g von poll
“When it comes to valuation and location analysis, PriceHubble‘s solution is the best choice for us.”
Wolfram Gast
Chief Digital Officer

Accurate property valuations, powerful market insights

Level up your marketing efforts with residential real estate insights from the largest proprietary database in Europe.

Accurate insights (4)

Precise valuations

Determine the market value of any residential property in just a few clicks.

Customisable reports (2)

Customisable reports

Create and share, slick, branded property reports digitally or via PDF.

Market Insights (1)

Market Insights

In-depth contextual data for quick but comprehensive market analyses.



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Learn from the best in the business! We’ve put together a list of tactics from industry professionals that show you (with practical examples) how you can revolutionise your customer journey so that its primary objective is to get more mandates!

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