Use real estate insights to open up new revenue streams

Detect buy/sell and refinance intentions first, build interactive digital products, improve crucial KPIs, provide relevant recommendations and stay relevant all along the real estate lifecycle.

Property, the NEW anchor that should be at the heart of your client relationship

Home: the only asset your customers are emotionally attached to, your key to building innovative digital experiences that bolster engagement, increase loyalty and safeguard your business against competition.


Embed real estate into your digital space

Drive engagement by creating interactive experiences.

Add real estate to your app and allow customers to track the value evolution of their home along with other asset classes.

Customer journey banks (2)

Empower your advisors

Become the trusted partner for all real estate decisions.

Equip your client-facing team with insights so that they can provide better recommendations and stay relevant.

Create great customer experiences around real estate (7)

Be first to detect intentions

Utilise transparency created through real estate data.

Take real estate a step further and use insights gained from client interactions to up/cross-sell financial products.

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These innovative features developed in cooperation with MoneyPark and PriceHubble are a crucial step toward a comprehensive ecosystem that consistently takes into account our client's need for a transparent and seamless service in regard to the valuation, sale, and financing of real estate – easily, clearly, and completely digitally, from a single source.
Anke Bridge-Haux
Head Personal & Business Banking at Credit Suisse

Off-the-shelf real estate insights, built to power your journey

Our standard APIs make integration both flexible and simple and our razor-sharp valuations are made possible thanks to Big Data and AI.

Accurate insights (3)

Accurate insights

Quickly determine the market value of any residential property.

Proprietary AVM (3)

Proprietary AVM

Developed in-house by our expert team of data scientists.

Extensive database

Extensive database

Access a comprehensive, global database of real estate insights.



Incorporate sustainability in real estate into your risk models.

Enterprise-grade security

PriceHubble has successfully passed stringent security audits for some of the largest financial institutions, retail and private banks in the world. That’s because an enterprise-grade solution requires enterprise-grade security. Our customers trust us because we adhere to the strictest security standards. Our software is available and our infrastructure is reliable. We are GDPR-compliant and are currently in the process of securing our ISO27001 certification.

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Double customer engagement with real estate

Real estate is the ticket to building lasting customer relationships, increasing loyalty, significantly boosting engagement and enhancing stickiness. Learn more in our latest eBook!

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