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European Cities: Yield Overview 2021

Published by Roswitha Brunner - October 11th, 2021
Yield Overview EN.png

We are pleased to present our new publication «European Cities: Yield Overview 2021».

PriceHubble will publish this multinational study once a year. The multinational analysis provides an overview of rental yields in five major cities in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Yield maps per city illustrate the different yield opportunities per district or postcode.

The top yield districts per city are:

⚬ Zurich │ 8052 │ 2,7
⚬ Geneva │ 1203 │ 3,2
⚬ Basel │ 4001 │ 3,0
⚬ Berne │ 3018 │ 3,7
⚬ Lausanne│ 1000 │ 2,8

⚬ Berlin│ Bohnsdorf │ 5,0
⚬ Munich │ Freimann │ 3,7
⚬ Frankfurt │ Sindlingen │ 5,7
⚬ Cologne │ Meschenich │ 7,3
⚬ Hamburg │ Wilstorf │ 4,9

⚬ Vienna │ Süssenbrunn │ 4,9
⚬ Linz │ Wambach │ 4,9
⚬ Graz │ Stadt-Thondorf │ 5,6
⚬ Salzburg │ Wals II │ 4,5
⚬ Innsbruck │ Amras │ 4,0

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Yield Overview EN.png
European Cities: Yield Overview 2021

We are pleased to present our new publication «European Cities: Yield Overview 2021».

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