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Immocation cooperates with PriceHubble to provide Masterclass graduates access to digital property valuation

Published by Antje Heber 8 months and 3 weeks ago
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The Start-up Immocation is specialised in providing real estate knowledge for private wealth accumulation. Through the partnership with PriceHubble, future graduates of the Masterclass, a 6-month online training programme for real estate investors, will now have access to PriceHubble's digital real estate valuation and will be able to carry out precise valuations and access market and location insights. 

Housing is a basic need that will still exist in 100 years. Following this basic philosophy, Marco Lücke and Stefan Loibl founded the Start-up Immocation, which is intended to provide future private investors with the basic knowledge for successful asset building with real estate. Immocation is made up of the words "real estate" and "education". Their main product is the Masterclass, a 6-month training to become a private real estate investor accompanied by 20 coaches from the real estate industry. To date there are already around 7,000 participants and graduates of the Masterclass.

"To invest successfully in the real estate market, it is necessary to know the market very well and to know which property is worth how much and above all why. With PriceHubble's digital real estate and location valuation, our Masterclass graduates have the perfect tool at hand to get to know the market and invest even as a beginner", explains Marco Lücke, founder of Immocation.

The cooperation provides that all future Masterclass participants will have access to PriceHubble's dash for 12 months. This will enable them to check new investments, call up detailed location information and also to optimise existing investments, e.g. by carrying out a renovation in the market value calculation in order to quickly determine potential returns. In addition, all graduates of previous courses have the possibility to book and use PriceHubble's digital real estate valuation via Immocation.

"The fact that we can make our digital solutions directly accessible to private investors through the concept of Immocation brings advantages for both sides. Graduates will be able to tap into the market themselves and directly examine potential investments. And we have the opportunity to use user feedback to further develop our product for investors," comments Christian Crain, Managing Director of PriceHubble Deutschland GmbH on the cooperation.

PriceHubble's digital solution for real estate valuation determines the market value of a house or flat based on the PriceHubble model, which uses machine learning to analyse a wide range of different real estate data, converts them into algorithms and thus always determines the statistically most probable market and rental price and presents it attractively.

The property data goes far beyond simple location factors and offers more than the conventional valuation methods. PriceHubble uses Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence to determine information such as current and forecast market value, market dynamics in the surrounding area and location criteria such as noise levels, accessibility, sunlight or the quality of the view. Daily new building projects in the vicinity and socio-economic developments in the neighbourhood are also included in the valuation. In this way, non-linear relationships between prices and value-relevant features can also be depicted. Furthermore, the system learns continuously from every change.

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