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DeinNeuesZuhause.de launches innovative property owner platform using data from PriceHubble

Published by Antje Heber a month and 2 weeks ago
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The innovative and service-oriented real estate portal DeinNeuesZuhause.de is launching a property owner platform. The new platform offers private property owners the opportunity to do everything in one place in the future - keep an eye on inventory and value development, advertise offers and monitor market demand. The integrated data for property and location analysis comes from the proptech company PriceHubble.

With the new property owner platform, anyone who owns a property can manage their own house or flat even better. In their so-called "Zuhause Zentrale", owners can find all the important data about their properties and market demand. In the "Eigentümer Dashboard", they can call up the value, property and location information from PriceHubble in real time for all the properties they have listed. Once a month, they even receive an automated update. Via the market demand, they can see how many interested parties there are for the properties and, in the near future, they will also have the opportunity to directly and exclusively address potential interested parties whose search criteria match their property before the public listing.

"With our platform, we want to take property search and listing to the next level and, above all, increase the quality in this area. We want to bring private property owners and interested parties together quickly and efficiently with as little wastage as possible," explains Thorsten Höge, Managing Director of DeinNeuesZuhause.de. "By integrating PriceHubble's data, we also create a high degree of transparency in the area of rental and purchase pricing and give everyone the opportunity to be informed about their property at all times."

"The development of the owner platform is an exciting project that we are happy to support. The residential property market is primarily characterised by a lack of transparency and we would like to break down these barriers for owners and seekers alike with our property information system. Buyers or tenants and owners will find each other more quickly if everyone has access to the same level of information," says Christian Crain, Managing Director of PriceHubble Germany, commenting on the cooperation.

DeinNeuesZuhause.de is a real estate platform specialising in exclusive offers from commercial and private real estate providers. This ensures a high quality of the offers and interested parties benefit from the partnerships with real estate agents. Already before, interested parties with a premium account could call up the property and location analysis data from PriceHubble for the individual listings and thus also view the forecast value development of a potential investment. PriceHubble's data is based on a highly developed Automated Valuation Model (AVM), which uses forecasting algorithms to evaluate many hundreds of property and location data and, with the help of the latest technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, can output a reliable market price estimate, as well as value development and location assessment. Based on this, PriceHubble develops solutions for all market participants along the residential real estate value chain.

Download of the press release here.

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