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PriceHubble and TECMA Solutions launching a new international partnership

06-12-2022 ↓ Download EN

European cities: Yield Overview 2022

04-10-2022 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble announces UK launch and flagship product

29-09-2022 ↓ Download EN

Tony Prestedge joins PriceHubble as Advisor and Dr. Stefan Heitmann announced Executive Chairman

05-05-2022 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble appoints Yann Landrin-Schweitzer new Chief Data Officer

16-02-2022 ↓ Download EN

Foncia chooses PriceHubble technology to equip its businesses

10-02-2022 ↓ Download EN

Helene Ackermann named new Chief Revenue Officer

08-12-2021 ↓ Download EN

A novel solution supports homeowners along the real-estate lifecycle: Credit Suisse, MoneyPark and PriceHubble enter strategic partnership

23-11-2021 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble announces partnership with WealthPark

14-10-2021 ↓ Download EN

European Cities: Yield Overview 2021

11-10-2021 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble continues its expansion, releasing its technology onto the Belgian market

15-09-2021 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble raises a USD 34 million Series B round to strengthen its leadership position in Europe and accelerate its international expansion

19-07-2021 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble acquires the PropTech Realtify and expands to Czech Republic and Slovakia

24-06-2021 ↓ Download EN

VON POLL IMMOBILIEN intensifies cooperation with PriceHubble

08-06-2021 ↓ Download EN

MLP cooperates with PriceHubble in real estate consulting

07-05-2021 ↓ Download EN launches property owner platform powered by PriceHubble

04-05-2021 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble launches first automated multi-family valuation at building level

24-03-2021 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble expands to the Netherlands and launches partnership with Yellowtail

14-01-2021 ↓ Download EN

Sachio Hirosawa appointed as new Managing Director Japan

10-12-2020 ↓ Download EN

Roswitha Brunner becomes new Head of Corporate Communication

02-12-2020 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble successfully completes multi-million financing round and accelerates global growth

01-09-2020 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble reaches the next milestone in international expansion and acquires the Austrian Proptech Checkmyplace

27-07-2020 ↓ Download EN

Germany's largest comparison portal CHECK24 relies on PriceHubble's digital property valuation

17-02-2020 ↓ Download EN

PriceHubble wins startup competition at Exporeal 2018 in the «Invest» category

09-10-2018 ↓ Download EN
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