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Virtual Tour: The latest addition to Property Advisor

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Published by Tarryn Abrahams - 13 January 2023
Virtual Tour EN

Property Advisor now includes the most cutting edge way to show off a property – virtual tours!

This fantastic update makes it possible to add a virtual tour to your dossier.

How does it work?

First off, it’s important that you know right off the bat that we are not switching our entire business model and going into virtual tours, meaning that you cannot create a virtual tour in Property Advisor (just to avoid any confusion). Instead we’ve partnered with some of the best in the biz –– more on this later.

To add a virtual tour to your dossier, you’ll need to first have a virtual tour URL aka web address. The URL can be obtained directly from the virtual tour provider you are using.

Pro tip: Remember to ensure that your virtual tour URL has the appropriate permissions and is accessible so that anyone who clicks on the virtual tour button can view the virtual tour.

Once you have the link, add it to your dossier on the dossier creation page.

virtual tour field EN

(Remember to add in a URL prefix http:// or https://)

Once you’ve added a link to your virtual tour; complete your dossier. Your final completed dossier now has a prominently placed CTA virtual tour button.

virtual tour button en

Clicking on that button will take you straight to a virtual tour of the property in question.

Nodal view screenshot

Why did we add the virtual tour link to Property Advisor?

A primary use case for creating snappy property reports is to conduct an accurate property valuation and then create a stunning collateral that can be delivered to potential sellers. The aim: to convince them of your expertise and win a new mandate. Bearing this in mind, we know that they wouldn’t necessarily be interested in seeing a virtual tour of their own house. So, this update is not for that use case.

However, a growing number of our customers use the very same collateral to show off mandated properties to potential buyers. That’s the use case we are serving with the nifty virtual tour update. It’s also the reason why our virtual tour buttons appear in both shared dossiers and property pages.

If you haven’t already, check out the blog post we wrote that covers the latest update to property pages

To make the most out of this feature, we recommend the following:

  • Only add virtual tour links to properties that you are mandated to sell. (You can always create a dossier and then add in a virtual tour link later).
  • Share those properties (with a virtual tour link) with prospective buyers directly as a property page or as a shared dossier. (Don’t forget to include a link to lead generator as most buyers are also prospective sellers who may want a property valuation too)
  • Get more views and exposure by sharing the property page on social media (Property pages are great for social media sharing as they are formatted for sharing, they have great social media snippets and ample CTA opportunities).

That’s all on virtual tours today but please keep an eye on our blog for more updates. Don’t forget that we’d love your feedback - don’t forget to let us know what you think.

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