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"The Hubblers” - company meeting in Berlin

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Published by PriceHubble - 1 December 2019

A young tradition takes its course: in November 2019 all employees of the company met for the second time for a company meeting in Berlin. An ideal opportunity to welcome new team members and commit to the goals for the coming year. 

The Berlin startup scene is booming. PriceHubble has also been present in Berlin since 2018. Therefore, an ideal place for the PriceHubble Company Reunion, to which almost the entire team came. 52 people of ten different nationalities met. The event took place at the Startup Center Unicorn, which operates several locations in the capital and also accommodates PriceHubble Germany. 

All "PriceHubblers" came to Berlin

The "Hubblers" spent two and a half days together with the aim of teaming up and building a common understanding of PriceHubble's future. In addition to a glimpse into the future, highlights from the past were presented. Corporate goals, vision and mission - important building blocks for the further growth and success of PriceHubble were discussed lively. Everyone is aware that the company is at the beginning of a journey and is rapidly picking up speed. It is therefore all the more important that the team cohesion is right. Between presentations and workshops, there were therefore several opportunities to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

In workshops new ideas were developed

In data workshops, ideas were developed in small teams on concrete issues and initial approaches to implementation were created. Presentations on current market developments or special technological issues provided further opportunities for exchange and discussion. Differences and similarities in market development and best practice approaches were identified. Particular attention was also paid to teamwork. Which values should be the basement of team corporation, which often takes place across borders?

Of course, the city was also explored and one or two culinary highlights were discovered together. But beside these benefits also activities were not too briefly: Yoga sessions (under the guidance of our UX Lead Alina) or a 10km run by Berlin (under the guidance of Backend Developer Ueli), also passing the Brandenburger Tor, in the fresh morning hours provided for a welcome alternation. On the day of departure, treasury hunt or a go-kart race were on the agenda, depending on personal preference.

Our "PriceHubblers" were updated on the objectives and the mission of the company

With a lot of impressions from the German capital and how PriceHubble will act on the path of international growth, the "Hubblers" travelled back to their home countries. Still on the plane, some teams bet on where the next Company Reunion might take place - Paris received the most votes.

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