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3 questions: PriceHubble CEO Julien Schillewaert on the Series B round

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Published by PriceHubble - 23 July 2021

PriceHubble announced USD 34 million in its Series B round. We sat down with CEO Julien Schillewaert to talk about this successful fundraising.

PriceHubble this week announced its completed Series B round and raised USD 34 million. How do you feel about this?

First of all, I am extremely proud of what our team has accomplished! This is another major milestone for us towards accomplishing our vision of becoming the undisputed leader in data-driven digital solutions for real estate and finance in Europe and Asia.

I also would like to thank our investors: from the new ones joining for the next leg of our journey - Digital+ Partners, Latitude Ventures and TX Group - to those that have been with us from the beginning, including Swiss LIfe, btov Partners and the Helvetia Venture Fund. We now look forward to reaching the next milestones together!

Did the pandemic year have an impact on the investment round?

Not being able to meet investors in person didn’t make it easier, but we’ve all - startups and investors - adjusted to this new situation. We’ve continued to build on our strong momentum despite the crisis, which eventually allowed us to close a very successful - and oversubscribed - round. Digital+ Partners, Latitude Ventures and TX Group have been supporting us even before the fundraising process and we have with them the perfect combination of expertise and networks to bring PriceHubble to the next level.

What do you plan to do with the proceeds?

First, this round will enable us to strengthen our leadership position in Europe. We have, over the last few years, built one of the largest and most skilled data/tech teams dedicated to residential real estate in Europe and we’ll keep adding talents to stay ahead of the curve.

And second, we’ll accelerate our international development. We’re currently present in nine markets and will double down on recently entered markets such as Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands or Czech Republic while entering new ones such as the UK, Italy and Spain. You’ll see us in more markets 12 months from now ;)

Thank you, Julien!

PriceHubble’s Series B round facts:

PriceHubble Completes one of the biggest B rounds in the sector and raises a USD 34 million Series B round to strengthen its leadership position in Europe and accelerate its international expansion.

  • Lead investor: Digital+ Partners
  • Co-investors: Latitude Ventures and TX Ventures
  • Joined by high ranking business angels, including Dr. Martin Enderle, Chairman of Delivery Hero and former CEO of Scout24 Group
  • Strong support from existing investors: Swiss Life and btov/Helvetia Venture Fund

More information on the Series B round

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