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Optimise market rents and reduce vacancies

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Published by Roswitha Brunner 2 months and a week ago
Privera EN

The real estate service provider PRIVERA has been working with PriceHubble since 2019. Since then, customer portfolios have been optimised through precise analyses and the vacancy issue has been combated. In this interview, Patrick Rohner, Head of Business Development PRIVERA, shows how the PriceHubble solution supports PRIVERA.

What is PRIVERA's core business?

PRIVERA is an integral service provider along the life cycle of real estate. PRIVERA's core business is the management of real estate. Our other areas of expertise are property co-ownership, retail and site management, rental management, retail and construction management.

How important is digitalisation for you?

Digitalisation has a high priority at PRIVERA. A few years ago, PRIVERA set itself the goal of becoming the innovation leader in the real estate industry in Switzerland and has developed a digital strategy and vision for this.

What were your needs in terms of data and property and portfolio valuation?

In the area of market rents, our goal was to get an even sharper picture of potential rents in order to minimise vacancies and optimise vacancy durations. We wanted to break new ground and use new technologies.

How long have you been working with PriceHubble and which PriceHubble solution do you use?

We have been working very successfully with PriceHubble since 2019. We have successfully tested and piloted the solution in the area of market rent analysis (Portfolio Manager) with our clients.

Did you look at other digital solutions before choosing PriceHubble?

We did not try out any other digital solutions specifically for this topic. In the past, we relied on the classic providers in the area of market rentals. When PriceHubble presented their product to us, it was immediately clear that we wanted to test this solution.

How do you and your clients use the PriceHubble solutions in practice?

After successful piloting, various clients are already using the PriceHubble analysis in the course of the market rent survey process, as a supplement to the classic models. System integrations with leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) providers are planned and could become a next important milestone.

The attractive user interface of PriceHubble increases the advisory competence of the portfolio managers and furthermore also shows potentials in the case of underestimated rents

What specific problem can you and your clients solve with PriceHubble?

The duration of vacancies has decreased among the pilot customers. In addition, the attractive PriceHubble user interface increases the advisory competence of real estate managers and also shows potentials in the case of rent rates that are set too low. The digital dossier for each individual appartment was excellently designed. The digital solution also impresses with its versatility and user-friendliness.

How have your customers reacted to the new solution?

The reactions of the pilot customers were very positive.

Would you recommend PriceHubble solutions to others?

We can only recommend PriceHubble and advise interested parties to try out the solutions. One of the main reasons is that the analysis is not just based on transaction data, but that current and upcoming factors such as construction activities, neighbourhood developments etc. are also included in the calculation. In addition, the high-quality user interface is remarkable for its versatile and up-to-date content as well as its user-friendliness. We appreciate that very much.

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