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New: Exclusive Transactions in Property Advisor

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Published by Tarryn Abrahams - 5 April 2022
Exclusive Transactions - EN

Include your sales among Property Advisor comparables with Exclusive Transactions. Our newest feature gives you: a visual overview of all transactions you’ve concluded in the area, a way to build better reports that include both offers and real sold prices, plus the most convincing argument for sellers –– your track record! In this post we’ll cover everything you need to know about exclusive transactions.

UPDATE: Exclusive transactions have now been rolled out across all PriceHubble geos –– get in touch with your account manager to find out how you can leverage this exciting new feature.

Why Exclusive Transactions?

Every property valuation or appraisal you create in Property Advisor includes comparables. Up until now, comparables consisted of offers (advertised properties within an area both current and historic) as well as market trends. While this is very helpful –– offers alone don’t give you the full picture.

For example, you cannot see all the homes you’ve sold in the area, nor can you see the actual sold prices. Actually, you have no visibility of transactions at all!

That’s where exclusive transactions come in…

Exclusive Transactions in a nutshell

With Exclusive Transactions, you get the ability to add and then show real, concrete data right where, and in the context that you need it… and that my friends, is a game-changer.

Even more so:

  • You get to see your own data in the PriceHubble environment.
  • You get an accurate, high-quality and robust source of information.
  • You get the level of detail you desire. The sky is really the limit here; include details such as the fact that the last house you sold has a pool to another property's transaction fees.
  • You get information instantly –– there is no delay! Data can be added as and when transactions occur. We can also automate this for you.
  • And you get to add your sales to your reports!

In a nutshell: Exclusive Transactions give you a way to leverage your own data like never before, in the level of detail and granularity that suits your purposes.

Using Exclusive Transactions

Exclusive Transactions will need to be enabled –– more on that below.

Once you’ve enabled the Exclusive Transactions feature, you will be able to find and filter your transactions from Comparables. Any sales that you’ve uploaded will be visible there.
Next to Offers, you’ll find a tab titled “Transactions”. Select that tab to get an overview of your transactions.

Exclusive Transaction EN

Exclusive transactions are differentiated with a black tag.

Exclusive Transactions view EN

Use filters to refine your search if you only want to display sales of 3-bedroom apartments, for example.

Selected Exclusives

Use the toggle to select relevant transactions. Your selected transactions will appear in your report. Simple as that!

Exclusive PDF EN

Already a Property Advisor user and want to unlock this feature?

It’s FREE! Get in touch with your customer success manager, they’ll be happy to give you more information about using this fantastic feature.

Exclusive Transactions Q&A

What kind of information can I upload to Exclusive Transactions?

For us to return the information back to you in the right place, we’ll need you to fill in a few required fields such as 1) Property Type, 2) Country Code, 3) TransactionID, 4) City, 5) House Number, 6) Street Name, 7) Postal Code, 8) Living Area, 9) Transaction Date, 10) Sale Price and 11) Transaction Status.

On top of that, we have given you freedom and flexibility. You can add as much information as you like. Other fields include:

  • Description
  • Building year
  • Land area
  • Balcony area
  • Garden area
  • Volume
  • Number of rooms
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • Number of indoor parking spaces
  • Number of outdoor parking spaces
  • Floor number
  • Original offer price
  • Pre-sale date
  • Transaction fees amount
  • Images

That’s not all. For a complete list –– see our documentation.

With all the information above, you’ll be able to have transactions that are richly populated with information similar to offers.

Filled out exclusive EN

How do I enable Exclusive Transactions in Property Advisor?

We do two things to help you access your Exclusive Transactions. First, we help you upload your existing transactions and second, we set you up so that all future transactions appear in your account automatically.

We offer three implementation options to enable Exclusive transactions :

  • Option 1: Through our API –– if you have a development team
  • Option 2: Through Zapier –– if your CRM integrates with Zapier
  • Option 3: With our help –– get in touch with us if your CRM does not integrate with Zapier

All you have to do is reach out to your account manager to get the ball rolling.

Do I have to pay extra for Exclusive Transactions?

Absolutely not! Exclusive Transactions are free to all Property Advisor customers.

What happens to my data?

Your privacy is our priority! So we want to make clear that your Exclusive Transactions are exclusive to you. Meaning that no one else will be able to access them.

Data gathered from Exclusive Transactions is used to sharpen our valuation model and improve our accuracy. As a result, customers already using this function are reaping the benefits of razor-sharp valuations.

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