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Why Lodgis uses PriceHubble to convert its leads into customers

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Published by PriceHubble - 3 March 2021

We catch up with Mathias Ramsbott, Head of Sales at Lodgis, who explains why he chose PriceHubble for keeping in touch with his customer base and converting his leads into customers.

Hello Mathias. Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

Hello PriceHubble. Lodgis was founded in 1999 and was originally specialised in furnished rentals in Paris. Ten years ago, we completed our business by opening a sales department, which I presently manage alongside a three-person team. We manage a total of approximately 10,000 furnished apartments in Paris. At the moment, our aim is to branch out across France. In 2021, we will begin working in Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux.

What were your data and property valuation needs?

Up until the summer of 2020, for our sales department’s valuations we resorted to well-known market providers to refine our experts’ analyses. Yet we wanted to go even further. We wanted to test out new solutions that would allow us to keep in touch with our customers and prospective owners. We wanted a truly innovative tool, one that was more efficient than what we had used up to that point. More than anything, we wanted a much more comprehensive valuation file.

How did PriceHubble differ from the other solutions that you were able to test out?

The first thing that really stood out for the team was the platform’s high level of user-friendliness. It was really quick to master and is very straightforward to use on a daily basis.

The second thing that made the difference for us was that some of our partners, who use PriceHubble themselves and are very happy with it, recommended that we contact you and give it a try. That really made us feel confident.

What is the daily added value of PriceHubble for your business?

We use PriceHubble in the emails that we send out to our customer owners in order to maintain contact with them and, if necessary, to get the go-ahead to sell their property. The ultra-precise valuation reports are ideal for this prospecting with our highly targeted leads. This allows us to put forward a much more in-depth offer and to fine-tune our valuations. And when prospective customers show an interest, it also enables us to guarantee that their sales project is real and mature.

This summer, we held an initial relaunch campaign with PriceHubble valuation reports. The feedback from our customers has been very positive. Our customers are interested, while owners are getting in touch with us about new sales. Having a professional and reliable valuation report is a real asset when it comes to expanding our business.

Would you recommend using PriceHubble to estate agents?

Yes, of course! But just don’t tell anyone, I want to keep ahead of the crowd.

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