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Latest Update: Generate Exclusive Transactions directly within Property Advisor

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Published by Michael Jaiyeola - 30 November 2022
Exclusive Transactions EN

Your feedback has been overwhelmingly positive since we launched Exclusive Transactions –– the feature which enables you to display properties that you have sold within the Comparables section of any dossier.

This kind of visual proof of your expertise is vital to building trust and winning new mandates in the current competitive market that we are experiencing.

A quick reminder of why Exclusive Transactions is game-changer from our previous blog post:

With Exclusive Transactions, you get the ability to add and then show real, concrete data right where, and in the context that you need it…

Even more so:

  • You get to see your own data in the PriceHubble environment.
  • You get an accurate, high-quality and robust source of information.
  • You get the level of detail you desire. The sky is really the limit here; include details such as the fact that the last house you sold has a pool to another property's transaction fees.
  • You get information instantly – there is no delay! Data can be added as and when transactions occur. We can also automate this for you.
  • And you get to add your sales to your reports!

In this short update post, we’ll cover how we’ve extended the functionality of Exclusive Transactions to allow all our users to easily add their transactions.

What‘s changed?

In addition to being able to bulk add Exclusive Transactions via API ––your account admin can now simply transform any dossier you’ve created into a transaction.

You can see the "Generate transaction" option is now an added option.

ExTr 2 drop down

Once you’ve generated a transaction –– visit Comparables to check out the new transactions tab and see your transaction listed below (if it doesn’t appear - try expanding your filters to include a wider radius). Et voila.

ExTr 2 comps EN

You now have a visual overview of all your completed transactions including the real sold price/s.

What does this mean for users?

  • This functionality is currently only actionable by your account admins (this might change in future but we will keep you posted!). Speak to your Customer Success Manager to get access to this feature.
  • All users at an organisation can now leverage the power of showing customers sold properties in the quickest time possible with no fuss, no waiting!
  • When you share a new PDF or Property Page –– you can do so AND highlight your track record!

In addition, if you would like to bulk import all of your transactions to Property Advisor and see them listed among PriceHubble Comparables, reach out to us. If you would like to integrate exclusive transactions into your CRM, get in touch. If you would like to create an automation that adds an exclusive transaction every time a property is sold, call your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise enjoy this nifty new way of adding transactions directly via Property Advisor. You can also review these articles for more details on Exclusive Transactions and how we integrate with CRMs via Zapier.

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