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Inside PriceHubble: Meet Lucie, Head of Talent Acquisition

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Published by PriceHubble - 24 March 2022
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Hello, Lucie! Before we even get started, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you?

Hello, everyone! I was born in the North of France and graduated with a Master’s degree in International Affairs from the Catholic University of Lille. Although my studies did not initially focus on this path, I have always been passionate about recruitment. I wanted to keep my options open and not specialise too much straight away. During my studies, I had the opportunity to gain international experience, with an Erasmus year in Spain and a gap year in England to improve my English.

My first contact with the recruitment world was through an internship in Strasbourg at one of the leaders in this sector, Michael Page. It was a real eye-opener, and I loved that environment. They then offered me a permanent contract in Switzerland, and I have never left ever since ;). I was able to work in a recruitment agency, on tech profiles, until 2018 when I joined PriceHubble.

On a personal level, the most important thing for me is to spend quality time with my friends and family. I like to be very active (hiking, gym, dancing) and I also like to travel a lot (my next trip, if all goes well, will be to New York next October!). By the way, I did taekwondo for four years, but I could not participate in the French regional championship (for which I had qualified) because I was a Spanish citizen until I was 18!

What is your life and work like at PriceHubble?

I joined PriceHubble in 2018, so you could say I have seen the whole evolution of the company up to now. At first, I was responsible for headhunting and recruiting. Now, I am in charge of an international team of three recruiters based in Italy, Austria and France, and an HR manager based in Germany.

Despite my management responsibilities, my role is very operational: scouting for talent, conducting initial interviews, while building and managing my team.

The challenge of this job? Managing priorities in a very agile manner, ensuring that all teams’ expectations regarding the recruitment processes are met and working closely with our COO, Markus, to whom I report, on the strategy to be implemented. In other words, I am both a mentor and a coach to my team, and I have a role in defining PriceHubble’s recruitment strategy.

What do you enjoy the most about your work here with us?

I was lucky enough to have been the first person recruited in HR. This allowed me to be very involved in the growth of the company, create everything from scratch, and manage HR and recruitment activities entirely on my own. The fact that there are always new challenges is what makes me want to stay. I can see the incredible impact of my work every single day.

The prospects for personal development also mattered to me: having my own team allowed me to learn how to manage. For me, it was like learning a new skill, like a new arrow in my quiver.

Then, finally and maybe mainly, there is the human aspect: I work with a great team, I learn from everyone and I grow alongside PriceHubble.

Why would you recommend that other talents join the PriceHubble HR team?

If you want to have a tangible impact on business, have flexibility (either in terms of hours or location) and responsibility in an international and tech environment, I think this is the best place.

Our structure means that everything is still possible. The employees all have an opportunity to make decisions at their own level, there is no micromanagement, and the potential for responsibility and development is really there. In short: PriceHubble recognises talent.

It is also a chance to be in a supportive family environment with very intelligent people, where you keep learning every day. For me, the mix of tech and impact is the winning combo.

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