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Inside PriceHubble: Meet Filippo, Data Scientist at PriceHubble

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Published by PriceHubble - 20 July 2022
Blog Post Filippo

Hello, Filippo! Before we even get started, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about you?

Hi, I'm Filippo. I come from a small countryside village in Northern-East Italy. I have a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree with honors in Data management and analytics (both from the University of Venice).

During the last semester of my master's, I had an Erasmus exchange in the Netherlands and it is there that I started working as a Data Scientist. After one year, I moved to Berlin and worked in the same role in another company, and finally joined PriceHubble in November 2021. I really like data science because it allows me to see and solve problems in multiple fields and so I never get bored.

On the personal side, I like to have hobbies with the goal of self-improvement. I like reading (mainly fantasy, sci-fi and tech books) and singing (still work in progress). I try to stay fit and I spend a lot of time exercising (cycling, rowing, bouldering, yoga).

What is your life and work like at PriceHubble?

My job at PriceHubble is using data science to create internal and external products. I do a bit of everything: data exploration, reporting, creating models and presentations. As a Data Scientist, it is important not only to manipulate data but also presenting the results in a clear, understandable way (with the added variable of different audiences). I work closely with the Team Lead so there are always a lot of discussions, improving the solutions I come up with.

What do you enjoy the most about your work here with us?

Two main answers: the people and the technology.

We have great and capable people in all teams inside the company. The conversations with colleagues are always very insightful and engaging both inside and outside the work context. In my honest opinion, this is a clear example of a system where each component is very good at its task and interacting with other parts of the system.

On the technology side, it is great to see how we manage to deliver and maintain many products across different countries. Since I joined PriceHubble I adopted multiple new technologies and there's always something new to learn. My teammates are really knowledgeable and it is always easy to have conversations and syncs.

Both on the people and technology side, internationality is also great. It's great to work with people coming from different countries and adapt our tech products for different markets.

Why would you recommend other talents to join the PriceHubble team?

If you want a workplace that cares about its employees, an engaging technological playground and some great people to work with, PriceHubble is your best choice.

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