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New in France: Pre-fill building year, floor size, land area and energy label

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Published by Tarryn Abrahams - 21 December 2022
Prefill Dossier

Our core goals are to:

  • Remain cutting edge,
  • Make our products great to use and,
  • Ensure that our customers have even more ways to leverage our robust set of property data.

That means that we are constantly improving and updating!

We’ve got another great update to share with you: after inputting only an address –– our users in France will get the building year, land area, floor size and energy label filled out automatically for any free-standing house. What’s more, our software will detect whether the address you’ve added belongs to a house or an apartment like magic! (Only if magic were a very sophisticated machine, trained exhaustively to recognise certain data values, and if magic rested upon the matching and cross referencing of a dozen of different databases to run that prefill… Boom!)

How do you use the pre-fill feature?

All you have to do is type in an address like you always do – the information will be filled automatically, that’s the beauty of it!

All prefilled fields will be highlighted in yellow for ease of reference. Also, should you want to change the prefilled information, you can easily edit by simply typing it the field, the data will then be overwritten.

Pre Fill EN screenshot

We have great coverage with this feature, most houses in France will get most of the information pre-filled. We are also working on getting this level of granular information for apartments, however this will take some time –– for now, most apartments will get the building year prefilled.

Keep an eye out on our blog and social media, any updates will be shared there first!

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