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First 100 days: meet Yann

  • Inside PriceHubble
Published by PriceHubble - 12 May 2022

Yann Landrin Schweitzer joined PriceHubble as Chief Data Officer on February 1, 2022. We spoke to Yann about his first 100 days.

Describe your first 100 days in three words.

Like trying to perform an engine upgrade while in flight!…

What is your impression of PriceHubble after your first 100 days?

High-speed, low bureaucracy and low-politics, but a bit chaotic here and there. Normal features of a scale-up, but more mature than I usually see in organisations that size, which is helping manage the very fast growth.

Describe your role as Chief Data Officer in your own words.

I’m responsible for growing the value of the organisations’ datasets, and increasing the revenue they generate.

Which teams and colleagues do you work closely with?

Sales, to understand what drives value and revenue. Product, to define the strategy on how to transform latent data value into actual customer value. Customer support, who have a unique insight into what our users struggle with or need from our data products. The data team I lead, to deploy state of the art Machine Learning and get the highest quality data. Essentially, everyone, because a product of this technological and market complexity requires a lot of team work.

What aspect of your previous experience will be most valuable for PriceHubble?

Having seen organisations with many different structures and sizes, and having helped them grow. Growth in our cases has many dimensions: operational maturity, talent growth and hiring, engineering culture and customer centricity, sophistication of our market understanding and of our technical know-how… Having worked in organisations at all levels in each of these dimensions will help me coach PriceHubble through this maturity transition.

What surprised you during your first 100 days at PriceHubble?

How many untapped digital and data product opportunities exist in the real-estate space today, and that so few organisations are trying to provide those products.

Is there anything else you would like to say about PriceHubble?

As PriceHubble is constantly growing, we need talents! It’s a really cool organisation, with a very open and welcoming culture. The only limit to our growth and what we can achieve is… your skills!


Get to know Yann, our new Chief Data Officer! What is his role at PriceHubble and what has surprised him most during his first 100 days?

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