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Process optimisation thanks to digitalisation

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Published by Roswitha Brunner - September 22nd, 2021
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Tamara Häsler, Managing Director and owner of Häsler Immobilien AG, tells us why she relies on PriceHubble’s digital solutions and how her clients benefit from them.

Hello Ms Häsler, could you give us a brief description of the core business of Häsler Immobilien AG?

Yes, in just three words in fact: sales, valuation, development.

What goals do you pursue in real estate marketing?

The clients always come first for us. We always want to determine the right sales value for them and help them to have a stress-free sale.

What motivated you to manage your job by using a digital solution?

In general, digital tools are helpful in marketing and in sales. They also allow us to make a transparent and comprehensive valuation.

Why did you opt for PriceHubble?

I had worked with a different valuation solution for many years, and it took courage to make the change. Each programme is different when it comes to accuracy. With PriceHubble, I was impressed by the artificial intelligence, the comprehensive, sales-promoting measures and its price accuracy. Our company always wants to improve and sees great potential in process optimisation through digitalisation. But the focus continues to be on the clients and their requirements. We also gain more time for advising our clients thanks to PriceHubble.

Our clients and partners often give us positive feedback on the detailed and transparent valuation.

How do you specifically apply the PriceHubble Solution?

We use it to calculate market values.

Can you describe how you have benefited from the PriceHubble Solution?

We can enhance the experience for clients by offering them a more comprehensive valuation. Our clients and partners often give us positive feedback on the detailed and transparent valuation. The PriceHubble Solution also covers the relevant desk research.

How would you describe your experience working with PriceHubble?

Extremely positive. Questions or problems are immediately answered and dealt with.

What would you recommend to your colleagues who are thinking about adopting digital solutions?

In short: PriceHubble adds tremendous value, and I absolutely recommend it!

Thank you for the interview!

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