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Why fair real estate agency Coprovisor uses PriceHubble for valuations

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Published by PriceHubble - 15 January 2021

Hello Thibault, hello Léa. Can you tell us a bit about what you do?

Thibault: Coprovisor is an online real estate agency created a year ago. It’s a family business as my sister and I are the two partners. Our agency covers all aspects of the transaction. We also provide a complementary project design and property development service to help our customers get the most out of their property.

Léa: Our core value is to be a fair agency. We offer our customers fixed, low fees, a comprehensive commercial service, accurate valuations and a virtual visit from the first meeting. Such ongoing innovation enables us to meet all of our customers’ expectations, and completely transparently.

Thibault: At present, we employ five members of staff. We operate in and around the Paris, Lyon, Nice and Cannes areas. We expect to be entering new markets very shortly.

What were your data and property valuation needs?

Léa: Let’s face it: our profession is often criticised, and estate agents arouse suspicion. That is why we need to be beyond any reproach. We must set ourselves apart by incorporating the latest digital tools into our services and clearly show our added value in order to secure business.

Thibault: Making a fair, accurate valuation requires a lot of time. Cross-referencing data (French Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, accessibility), average prices, past transactions, comparables, etc., can all take up to half a day. As a result, we felt that it was essential to equip ourselves with a tool that would save us time with these rather time-consuming tasks, meaning that we could focus our efforts on supporting our customers.

Léa: These days, valuation is almost like a common good. Agents can no longer make the difference in this area. Everyone can get access to it. The important thing is what happens next. Being a family business clearly has an impact on how we work both with our customers and our employees. Transparency lies at the heart of our value offer, and therefore of our research offer for providers. Being efficient is essential for us.

How did PriceHubble differ from the other solutions that you were able to test out?

Thibault: We didn’t feel like going for the big traditional players. Instead, we wanted to have something different that would allow us to stand out from the crowd. We believe that PriceHubble is the most comprehensive and reliable tool available. It takes into account the most criteria and parameters when making valuations. The information presented is comprehensive and relevant, while the cross-referenced analysis data saves us a lot of extra time. We really liked your methodology, as well as how well summarised the results are.

How do you use our solutions on a daily basis?

Thibault: We make our valuations in front of the customer, during the first visit itself. We then use the digital analysis file to issue advice both to the seller and the buyer. It is impossible for us if we don’t start with the right price from the outset. It can call the whole sale project into question.

Léa: PriceHubble also allows us to go in for commissions in areas which we know less well. As there are no geographical constraints, we are able to take over new areas.

And how do your customers react to these new tools?

Léa: Our customers need to see things summarised. They want to take into account all of the parameters, particularly in the large French cities. The return on investment is very important for real estate projects. Buyers need to be able to make projections themselves.

Thibault: Customers are always extremely enthusiastic and impressed when we provide them with such a detailed, accurate and relevant valuation report (as a PDF or via a permalink). This allows them to have both a micro and macro vision of the property that they wish to sell (or purchase). Customers also want to save time. They want to go beyond all of the information that they can already find themselves online.

Would you recommend using PriceHubble to your fellow agents and representatives?

Thibault: I am always recommending your solution to everyone!

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