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«We need the best digital tools»

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Published by PriceHubble - 5 October 2021

We spoke to Fabrice Gay-Balmaz, Chief Digital Officer for Marketing & Communication at BARNES Suisse SA. Fabrice explained why this well-established real estate agency trusts PriceHubble, while also spelling out the advantages of using a digital solution.

Hi Fabrice. Can you describe the core business of BARNES Suisse SA in a few words?

BARNES Suisse SA is a brokerage company that forms part of the Gerofinance | Régie du Rhône group. With 20 branches and 60 staff, we operate all over French-speaking Switzerland. The company works in all aspects of real estate brokerage, including purchasing, selling, real estate development and residential property letting.

What are the objectives of BARNES Suisse SA within the brokerage field?

We aim to offer our clients a quality service – whether they are buyers, sellers or developers. We want to do this by focusing on their interests taking into account all property types and price ranges. This is reflected in our slogan: «All types of property and especially yours!»

What made you use a digital solution?

A company like BARNES needs the best digital tools so that it can deal with an ever competitive, constantly evolving market.

Why did you choose PriceHubble? Did you look into or try out other solutions?

Yes, we tested a number of solutions and went with the ones that fulfilled the following criteria: straightforwardness for our users, an excellent level of transcription and data analysis, and a scalable quality ratio for our clients.

How do you use our solutions on a daily basis?

Our real estate agents use PriceHubble everyday to get price estimates on the properties that our clients may wish to put up for sale. Our agents compare the PriceHubble system’s analysis with their own. In this way, the combination of digital technology with our real estate agents’ expertise ensures that our clients get a price that is connected to the reality of the market.

Can you tell us how you benefit from PriceHubble solutions?

All PriceHubble solutions (Property Advisor) are available online, 24 hours a day, through our real estate agents. We also provide our clients with more concise estimates made on our website, using PriceHubble’s Lead Generator service.

And what has been the clients’ reaction to these new tools?

Our clients receive a comprehensive analysis file along with an explanatory summary prepared by our real estate agents. Whether it comes via an online link or a PDF file, our clients appreciate the quality of the information that we provide. After all, it helps them to make the best decisions when putting their property up for sale.

What would you recommend to your colleagues who are thinking of expanding their work with digital solutions?

Don’t delay unless you want to be left behind.

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