About a year ago, PriceHubble began expanding into Japan. In the meantime, the digital solutions for real estate valuations, developed in Zurich, are now available there in the local language. A local team has been established and is active in Tokyo, working to expand and maintain our current  client base. The cooperation between the two Proptech companies Wealthpark and PriceHubble represents another important growth step. Wealthpark, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and New York, is integrating the PriceHubble solution, which is based on Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics, into its software used for asset management and portfolio optimization in the real estate industry. "Through this key partnership we are accelerating our internationalization and further growth in Japan, one of the top three real estate markets worldwide", emphasizes Dr. Stefan Heitmann, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PriceHubble. Wealthpark clients now have access to PriceHubble's data-driven rental estimates and innovative property insights. In addition to the cooperation with Wealthpark, the current participation in the "Plug and Play Accelerator Program Japan" increases the awareness of PriceHubble in the local real estate landscape.