PriceHubble helps MoneyPark win over new long-term clients and ensure customer loyalty by offering digital solutions for every link in the real estate value chain.  

Gaining new clients thanks to PriceHubble’s online price estimates

MoneyPark is relying on online real estate estimates to gain new clients: when a visitor to the MoneyPark website fills out a form to request an estimate for a property that he or she is interested in purchasing, PriceHubble provides an initial price range in a matter of seconds based on big data and machine learning. If the visitor would then like to obtain a more precise estimate, he or she can contact MoneyPark directly. “Our digital solution bridges the gap between the prospective client and the consultant,” explained Markus Stadler, CEO of PriceHubble. The objective is to offer the client first-rate service, which then leads to a high conversion rate, i.e. prospective clients who take the next step towards a first meeting, which could eventually lead to a deal.

Customer service and loyalty through automated real estate suggestions

If MoneyPark’s client is not able to purchase the property of his or her choice, MoneyPark can turn to another solution: based on the client’s known preferences, PriceHubble is able to search for other relevant offers in its database, which is updated daily. This database contains every sale offer posted on every real estate platform in Switzerland. These properties are then suggested to prospective buyers by MoneyPark along with analyses of their environments thanks to “micro-location data” and presented via a user-friendly interface. This solution allows the client to save time and effort in terms of searches and estimates. Another key benefit of this solution lies in the high level of relevance of its offers, as MoneyPark only suggests properties that can be financed by the buyer. This comprehensive service, which combines information and advice, ultimately benefits MoneyPark’s client: “Our clients save time and can access and finance their dream property more quickly,” explained Jasser Kassab (see picture), Head of Product Management for MoneyPark. “From this point of view, PriceHubble has clearly contributed to our company’s success,” he added.

Opportunities for lasting customer relationships, even after the purchase

Even after successfully financing a property, MoneyPark stays by its clients’ side in the long-term. The company now offers to send clients regular updates concerning the value of their property. Thanks to PriceHubble’s estimates, MoneyPark effectively informs clients about changes in value during the years following the purchase through a user-friendly presentation specific to each property. “This allows us to know when it is best to suggest a meeting with our client in order to discuss possible refinancing. This service allows us to reinforce the client relationship as well as our mortgage strategy and pension fund expertise,” explained Jasser Kassab.

About MoneyPark

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