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  • Generate more leads, directly from your website with our Fisher.
  • Reactivate and consult passive leads with our Matchmaker.
  • Empower yourself with technology to advise better and close faster with our Cyborg Consultant.
  • Turn transactions into long-lasting, meaningful engagements with our Wealth Manager.

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  • Get all the insights you need in one single place.
  • Automate real estate analysis, valuation and forecast, leveraging on big data and machine learning.
  • Anticipate market dynamics and urban evolutions.
  • Identify high potential investment opportunities.

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Our technology

We amass large volumes of multidimensional data to distill actionable, easy to read and visually appealing insights. We use the latest machine learning methods and have a deep understanding about locations and neighbourhoods. Integrate our insights into your workflow either via our API or our convenient apps.

Big Data

We crunch gigabytes of raw, structured and unstructured data from various sources and integrate it into our own in-house real estate data pool. Our self-assembled data includes actual real-estate transactions and listings, information about the environment, accessibility neighborhoods, demographics, socio-economics and the overall macro-economic market situation.


We analyze temporal and spatial data to truly understand the value of real estate based on location. We generate new insights and data to enhance our algorithms.

Machine Learning

Our mainly ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) trained and industry experienced team (i.e. from Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft) applies machine learning to generate robust and back-tested real-estate valuations and forecasts. We leverage from a broad set of machine learning tools, such as more classical regression based approaches (i.e. hedonic models) to more advanced approaches such as random forests or deep learning.

PriceHubble Engine

That’s where the magic happens ;)

Apps & APIs

Our REST API and Apps allows you to seamlessly integrate our real-estate insights into your products and internal processes.